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Since the foundation of Renergi and the first development of MERGI, many different studies and reports about MERGI have been undertaken. These reports include both tests performed by different customers as well as specialized tests done to look at different aspects of the product.

Field and laboratory tests are available from various independent institutions. Please note, these tests and reports can only be read as a result of each separate case and is not to be read as a general proof. They are not to be understood as an endorsement unless this is specific mentioned in the report itself.

Renergi also has details of tests done by shipping companies. Quality Control: The Swedish National Testing and Research Institute continuously checks the MERGI Combustion Catalyst.


Contact us directly if you are interested in further readings.


VESTA - certificate report

To receive a full report or receive other reports please apply to hov@mergi.com  - MSDS will also be provided upon request. Please specify if you need the documents for regular MERGI or MERGI Concentrate.


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