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a marine fuel additive that actually works


NOx -5 to -15%
CO -5 to -10%
PM -10 to -30%
Soot -10 to -30%


Significant savings in Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC).

Can be added to Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), and Marine Gas Oil (MGO), and in some cases allow the use of lower quality fuels.


Maintain cleaner engine components – including turbines, injectors, rings, and collectors – leading to fewer failures and extended periods between maintenance.


MERGI is an effective liquid organic combustion catalyst, compatible with existing fuel systems on ships. It works with a wide range of fuels, including HFO, LFO, MDO, and MGO, covering approximately 90% of the global fleet.

Trusted for over 40 years, MERGI has been used without any damage claims.

MERGI is particularly feasible for ships that operate in waters with strict environmental requirements and for ships that want to reduce soot to a minimum.

Dosing equipment can be installed in under two hours, and Mergi can be used immediately, providing effects that will be visible in the ship’s CEMS system starting from 1-2 weeks of treatment, and will reach full effect after 4-6 months of use.

When added to fuel, it alters the structure of hydrocarbon molecules, thereby increasing oxidation during burnout. As a result, the fuel burns more efficiently, generating more energy from the same volume of fuel and reducing the amount of fuel wasted in exhaust emissions (soot).

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Why choose MERGI instead of other maritime fuel additives on the market?

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Our story

Renergi AS is a Norwegian family-owned company, holding exclusive rights to MERGI. The company was established in Bergen, Norway in 1980, with a commitment to providing high-quality services, adding value for our customers within the maritime industry. From the outset, we have engaged in research and testing, which led to the development of our combustion catalyst, MERGI.

MERGI, named after the Norwegian words for ‘more’ (MER) and ‘give’ (GI), was invented in 1982. Since then, satisfied customers worldwide have been using MERGI for fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced levels of soot.

An early pivotal moment came in 1985, when a test conducted by DNV demonstrated a 4% reduction in fuel consumption, establishing MERGI as an effective fuel additive.

In the maritime sector, external variables like fuel quality, weather and cruising speed can alter fuel consumption by up to 30%, complicating the task of proving the effectiveness of products like MERGI. Despite the industry’s general skepticism towards fuel additives and the challenge of isolating MERGI’s benefits from external variables, MERGI has remained in use for over 40 years, underscoring its enduring efficacy.

Today’s modern ships feature advanced CEMS and SCADA systems that continuously monitor emissions and fuel consumption, enabling precise testing and documentation of MERGI’s effects.

At Renergi AS, we are proud of our heritage and continue to innovate, ensuring that MERGI remains at the forefront of maritime sustainability efforts.